LUMIX 2010

Hans joined the panel discussion at the LUMIX festival for young photojournalism in Hannover.
»Photojournalism: How much Photoshop is allowed?« …
… is the title of a panel discussion which will be held on Friday, 18th June at 12 am in the Design Center’s Auditorium. Bertram Solcher, Chairman of the photojournalist’s organisation FreeLens will moderate the event. The participants are Hans-Jürgen Koch (Animal Affairs, Photographer), Peter Bitzer (managing partner, laif agency), Bernd von Jutrczenka (dpa head of photography) and Volker Lensch (manager of the photo desk of Stern magazine).
While digital manipulations, adding elements to the image or removing them, was the biggest concern after the introduction of digital photography, nowadays more and more extreme picture manipulations cause confusion. What doesn’t pose a problem in art photography, touches ethical and authenticity principles in journalistic photography. Skies are burned to black or disturbing figures or elements are simply blackened. Over and over you receive the impression that photographers no longer let themselves in for reality but create them by theirselves stagily. If the drama can’t be found on location then the image is made a drama using Photoshop. Recently, even the jurors of renowned competitions have their fill and disqualify images. Nevertheless, unified guidelines or directives for image manipulation don’t exist.