Exhibition: “BEES – The Pollinators of the World”


 BEES – The Pollinators of the World 

Why they are so important for us and why they are so sympathetic although they are creepy-crawly insects?

  • It is widely unknown that the Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) is the third most important domestic animal in Europe and the USA, after cattle and pigs and before poultry. This is not because of its honey and wax production, but due to its invaluable contribution for the fertilization of our fruit trees and numerous other crop plants. Moreover, Honey Bees are indispensable for maintaining the diversity of wild flowers. A big part of our food depends directly or indirectly on the power of the honey bees. The economic value is enormous.
  • Honey bees own the honey monopoly.
  • The super organism Honey Bee with its biological high-end-abilities, like creating designer-food, their complex architecture, their social uterus, swarm-intelligence, communication etc., belongs to the most unusual creations of evolution on this planet.
  • Beside this there occurs alarming high bee mortality in different countries, partly of catastrophic dimension. It is a major economical and scientific challenge to solve these problems.

The exhibition leads us in five chapters through the amazing life of Honey Bees.