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“French Fold”- Schutzumschlag
Hardcover mit Leineneinband


Let’s think a moment about lab mice.

We all know that millions of lab mice are produced and used in the research facilities around the world. This is a huge, anonymous mass of animal material. We wanted to give them back their individuality and personality.

In this book you see real, authentic laboratory mice from the strains DBA, BALB/c and C57Bl/6. We should all know them, because they are all about us! They are our stand-ins. When it comes to medical research, we deeply depend on them. We have linked our lives to that of mice. The LAB MOUSE should actually be called HUMAN MOUSE.

On the book cover you will miss the names of authors and publisher. We decided that this place should only belong to the mouse.



in printing

No other living being owes humans as much as these little creatures. Laboratory mice make us a gift of their lives. For our lives. The lab mouse is our representative. Can this be morally justified – or could it even be an ethic necessity?

Our new book „Thank you, Mouse!” is currently being printed. That is exciting. More to come…

Massa’s Eyes and Lea’s Smile

stern Nr. 03/2020. This is an obituary in pictures including some notes from us. These Great Apes died on New Year’s Eve in the disastrous fire at the Krefeld Zoo. We know these personalities very well for 20 years, as we photographed them intensely over the time for several photo projects e.g. for stern and GEO magazine.