We were asked by the GoodPlanet Foundation to support their Wild and Precious book and exhibition project with photographs from our series “It’s Us”. We did this with joy.

From the book: Heidi and Hans-Jürgen Koch are a married couple of German photographers who for twenty years have been driven by their  desire to show the animal world as it is rather than we tend to picture it. Published around the world and frequently rewarded for their talent at showing these animals most familiar to the public in a new light, they draw inspiration from what they call “the rhythm and the soul of living beeings”. Their gaze as well as their technique is particularly visible through their project It’s Us, in which they manage to capture the close, sometimes even disturbing likeness of certain expressions and postures of apes to our own gestures.

Here are some book page samples:

GreatApes_WILDandPRECIOUS_Book_002  GreatApes_WILDandPRECIOUS_Book_004  GreatApes_WILDandPRECIOUS_Book_006   GreatApes_WILDandPRECIOUS_Book_009    GreatApes_WILDandPRECIOUS_Book_013 GreatApes_WILDandPRECIOUS_Book_014