The Companion Creature

When it comes to bizarre mammals on this planet, the nine-banded Armadillo is a very serious candidate. Two month on assignment ended up with this strange critter as our companion creature. How that?

The story of the Texan Armadillo is too fabulous not to be told. Originally inhabiting parts of South- and Central America Dasypus novemcinctus was coming from Mexico, crossed the Rio Grande and reached Texas like an illegal immigrant. This was in 1854 when the first Armadillos were discovered. Then they started moving northeast and arrived Dallas in 1956. Their career was steep and the popularity of the Armadillo had reached almost cultic proportions. Impressive, although the most Texans never had and still have seen an Armadillo alive. Indeed, Texas is covered with Armadillos, but actually it is under-covered. These nocturnal creatures live protected in subterranean burrows. When they come out, they sometimes walk around like a running gag. Question: Why do chickens crossing the road? Answer: To demonstrate the Armadillos that it is possible! No wonder that the common appearance of an Armadillo is seen on the asphalt not in a good shape – as a roadkill. Anyway, in 1995 Texas named the Armadillo the Official State Mammal. They made it!

We are grateful to this little armoured Don Quichote for passing on its principle in life: Even if you are not too bright, you can follow your own path.

Have a Dillo Day.